alodia gosengfiao leaves tier 1 entertainment

Alodia Gosiengfiao, the co-founder and chief creative officer of Tier One Entertainment, has announced her departure from the gaming and esports company. In a statement posted on her social media accounts, she said that she decided to leave due to “visions and values not aligned anymore” with the company.

Gosiengfiao is a Filipina cosplayer, model, TV host, singer, actress and entrepreneur. She is widely known as the “Queen of Cosplay” in the Philippines and abroad, having won several awards and recognition for her costumes and performances. She is also a popular gaming and technology influencer, with over 1.85 million subscribers on YouTube and 7 million followers on Facebook.

Alodia Was The Face of Tier One Entertainment

She co-founded Tier One Entertainment in 2017 with esports player Tryke Gutierrez and businessman Brian Lim. The company aims to be the leading gaming and esports entertainment brand in Southeast Asia, with a roster of talents, streamers, content creators and esports teams. Gosiengfiao served as the creative director and ambassador of the company, overseeing its projects and initiatives.

Some of the notable achievements of Tier One Entertainment under Gosiengfiao’s leadership include:

  • Launching Amplfy, the first gaming and esports talent agency in Southeast Asia.
  • Establishing Blacklist International, a professional esports team that competes in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and other titles.
  • Expanding to Japan, the first market outside Southeast Asia, and launching a new idol group featuring four international talents.
  • Securing funding from Gobi Partners, a leading venture capital firm in Asia, to set up the first content creation hub in the Philippines.
  • Producing The Gaming House, the first official reality show featuring gaming and esports personalities in the region.

Gosiengfiao’s departure from Tier One Entertainment is a shocking and heartbreaking news for her fans and the gaming and esports community. She did not reveal the specific reasons for her decision, but hinted that there were some disagreements and conflicts within the company. She thanked her supporters and partners for their trust and loyalty, and assured them that she will continue to pursue her passion and vision in the industry.

She also said that she will be launching her own gaming and esports platform soon, which will be “more inclusive, diverse and innovative”. She did not give any details about the platform, but said that it will be “something that has never been done before”.

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