ios users can play fortnite through geforce NOW

Fortnite made headlines in 2020 when it was removed from the iOS App Store due to a dispute between Epic Games and Apple over in-app purchase fees. This left many iOS users unable to play the popular battle royale game on their iPhones and iPads. However, a new loophole has emerged that is allowing Fortnite to make its return to iOS devices through Nvidia’s game streaming service GeForce NOW.

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What Happened Between Apple and Epic

The dispute arose when Epic introduced a direct payment option within Fortnite that allowed players to purchase V-Bucks (the in-game currency) directly from Epic instead of through the App Store. This violated Apple’s guidelines that require all in-app purchases to go through Apple and be subject to a 30% fee. In response, Apple removed Fortnite from the App Store. Epic Games then filed a lawsuit against Apple accusing them of anti-competitive practices related to the App Store commissions and policies. The legal battle between the two companies continues to this day.

GeForce NOW Loophole

GeForce NOW is Nvidia’s cloud gaming service that allows users to stream games over the internet. The games are hosted on remote servers operated by Nvidia, with the video streamed to user’s devices.

One of the supported devices is Apple’s iOS – however, due to App Store restrictions, there is no official GeForce NOW app available. Instead, users have to access the service through the Safari web browser.

This Safari-based loophole is now allowing iOS users to once again fire up Fortnite. Since the game is running on a remote server and simply streamed to the iOS device, it does not need to be downloaded directly from the App Store. Apple’s control over what can be installed locally on iOS is bypassed.

How to Play Fortnite Mobile on iOS

To access Fortnite through GeForce NOW and play on your iPhone or iPad, you simply need to:

  1. Install the GeForce NOW app on a PC or Mac that you own.
  2. Login with your Nvidia account and make sure you have a paid GeForce NOW membership.
  3. Launch the Safari web browser on your iOS device and navigate to
  4. Login using your Nvidia account details. This will sync your cloud saves and game library.
  5. Find Fortnite in your GeForce NOW library and launch the game. It will begin streaming immediately to your iOS device.
  6. Connect a controller to your iOS device via Bluetooth and you’re all set to play Fortnite Mobile using touchscreen controls or the connected controller.

The game will run at up to 60FPS depending on your internet speeds and network conditions. You do need a stable, low-latency internet connection for the best experience when cloud gaming.

Epic’s Response

Epic Games has not yet provided an official response on Fortnite’s renewed availability on iOS through GeForce NOW. However, Epic CEO Tim Sweeney did say in a 2020 tweet that “Epic doesn’t control Fortnite on GeForce Now – Nvidia does.” This suggests that Epic views the loophole as Nvidia’s doing rather than their own.

It’s likely that Epic is happy to see Fortnite back on iOS in some form but doesn’t want to directly endorse the workaround and jeopardize their ongoing lawsuit against Apple. At the same time, they probably won’t actively try to shut down access as it would disappoint iOS players who are now enjoying the game again.

The Future of Cloud Gaming on iOS

The success of Fortnite Mobile on GeForce NOW raises interesting questions around cloud gaming’s role in bypassing App Store restrictions. Going forward, we could see more streaming game platforms leverage Safari to grant iOS access without needing Apple’s approval.

However, Apple does have some ability to close this loophole if they wish. For example, they could implement restrictions in Safari to block certain graphics-intensive applications and games. But this would likely draw public backlash from those who enjoy the convenience of cloud gaming services.

It will be fascinating to watch how Apple chooses to respond as cloud gaming inevitably continues growing in popularity. For now, iOS Fortnite fans are celebrating this clever workaround that has brought back their beloved game. Only time will tell whether other streaming platforms follow Nvidia’s lead in using Safari to create an iOS access point blocked by the App Store.


The messy breakup between Apple and Epic Games left Fortnite fans high and dry when the game was removed from iOS. Now thanks to some clever maneuvering by Nvidia, iOS players have a way to enjoy Fortnite Mobile again through GeForce NOW’s cloud streaming option. It provides a window into how streaming could open up iOS to games and apps banned by App Store rules. But Apple may still try to close this loophole down the line as they seek to retain full control. For now, iOS Fortnite players are relishing the return of their game. The Epic vs Apple saga continues with cloud gaming and Safari adding a new wrinkle.

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