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The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) community is in an uproar after it excluded the VeeWise duo from the list of nominees for The Greatest 10 Players of all time. VeeWise, composed of Johnmar “OhMyV33nus” Villaluna and Danerie James “Wise” Del Rosario, is the legendary duo of Blacklist International, the three-time MPL PH champion and M3 world champion team. They are widely regarded as some of the best players in the history of MLBB, and their fans were shocked and disappointed when they were snubbed by Moonton.

The reason for their exclusion, according to Moonton, is that they violated one of the rules for the nomination, which states that “players who have been involved in any form of betting or gambling activities related to MLBB are not eligible for the nomination.” VeeWise are ambassadors of Rivalry, an esports betting platform that sponsors Blacklist International. Moonton claimed that this was a conflict of interest and a breach of integrity and that they had to uphold the fairness and credibility of the nomination process.

Moonton’s Handling of the Fallout Rings Hollow

In response to backlash, Ace withdrew from the nominations – but without any admission or apology from Moonton about the preferential treatment shown. Their attempt to quietly resolve the controversy without accountability has left many fans dissatisfied and angry.

Many fans and analysts pointed out the hypocrisy and inconsistency of Moonton’s decision, as they included Ace from Myanmar in the list of nominees, despite him also promoting a betting site called 1xBET. Ace is the captain of Burmese Ghouls, the M2 world champion team and one of the strongest contenders in the Southeast Asian region. He is undoubtedly a great player, but his involvement in betting activities should have disqualified him from the nomination, according to Moonton’s own rules.

As the organizers of a major esports league, Moonton has a responsibility to establish and uphold clear rules that apply evenly to all involved. Their authority derives from impartial enforcement of these standards. By making an exception for one streamer over another, they call the legitimacy of the entire system into question.

Perhaps Moonton felt that Ace, as a homegrown MLBB superstar from Myanmar, was simply too influential to punish. Or maybe personal relationships or business politics were at play behind the scenes. Whatever the rationale, this perceived favoritism breeds resentment and mistrust within the community.

Myanmar MLBB Fans Come At VeeWise Instead Of MLBB

This whole fiasco created a huge controversy and backlash in the MLBB community, as fans of VeeWise accused Moonton of being biased and unfair, while fans of Ace defended him and blamed VeeWise for stirring up trouble.

Moonton acknowledged Ace’s withdrawal in a brief post on their official MLBB Facebook page, but did not offer any apology or explanation for their oversight. They simply thanked Ace for his contribution to the MLBB scene and wished him all the best.

It is now widely speculated that Moonton just wants to single out VeeWise and exclude them from the list, for reasons that are unclear. Some fans suspect that Moonton has a personal vendetta against VeeWise, or that they are threatened by their popularity and influence. Others think that Moonton is favoring Ace and other players from certain regions, or that they are trying to create drama and hype for the upcoming M5 World Championship. Whatever the case may be, Moonton’s actions have shown a lack of professionalism and transparency, and have damaged their reputation and credibility in the eyes of many MLBB fans.

Moonton Controversy: Favoritism, Hypocrisy, and Community Rift

Moonton should have handled the situation better, by either enforcing their rules strictly and fairly, or by being more flexible and lenient with their criteria. They should have communicated clearly and openly with the players and the fans, and explained their rationale and process for the nomination. They should have also apologized to VeeWise and Ace, and tried to resolve the issue amicably and respectfully. Instead, they chose to ignore the feedback and criticism.

Moonton’s treatment of VeeWise is unfair and unacceptable. VeeWise are not only amazing players, but also inspiring personalities who have contributed a lot to the growth and development of the MLBB scene. The huge backlash that they are getting from Myanmar fans is totally uncalled for when the controversy is not even their fault in the first place.

Moonton’s behavior has created a rift and a conflict among the fans, who should be united and supportive of each other. It has also tarnished the image and reputation of MLBB as a competitive and fair esports game, and has cast doubt on the integrity and credibility of Mobile Legends as a game. It has also overshadowed the achievements and talents of the other nominees, who deserve to be appreciated and honored for their skills and hard work.

Controversy Stems from Passion, But Provides Opportunity for Growth

The intense responses show fans’ passion for the games and creators they love. Channeling this passion into healthy growth requires upright principles from Moonton moving forward.

With open communication and good faith efforts, Moonton can still redeem themselves and restore harmony. The MLBB community is resilient, and together they can learn from this experience.

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