Moontoon Trying to Cancel Veewise Over Betting Promotions, But Not Others

Moontoon’s recent M5 promotional video has caused an uproar among Blacklist International fans and the Mobile Legends community. The video was meant to highlight the winners of Moontoon’s M-Series tournaments, which are considered the World Championships of MLBB. However, it completely excluded any mention or footage of Blacklist International, the defending M3 World Champions.

Instead, Moontoon chose to feature the MSC tournament winners, who are champions of regional Southeast Asian tournaments, not the global M-Series events. This is despite Blacklist International’s dominance in MPL-PH and their victory at the most recent M3 World Championships, where they displayed unmatched skills and strategy.

Veewise Not Included In The List For 10 Greatest Players

Blacklist’s legendary duo of Ohmyv33nus and Wise Gaming, also known as Veewise, was also conspicuously absent from Moontoon’s list of the 10 greatest MLBB players of all time. This list is meant to showcase the most influential and skilled players in MLBB history, yet it excluded the entire Blacklist roster – Ohmyv33nus, Wise Gaming, Oheb, Hadji, Edward.

Ohmyv33nus is considered by many to be the greatest MLBB player of all time. Her impeccable roaming skills as a support have defined the meta. Wise Gaming’s mastery of utility jungle heroes has made him one of the world’s best junglers. Together, their innovative strategies and teamplay drove Blacklist to the top.

veewise not included in 10 greatest players

Moontoon’s Stance on Betting Promotions

While Moontoon’s policy on betting promotions is unclear, the company has made statements in the past about their stance on gambling in mobile gaming. In a statement released in early 2020, Moontoon stated that they “oppose any form of gambling” within their games and that they “will not hesitate to take legal action” against anyone who promotes it.

Moontoon’s reason for excluding Veewise from the list is that they are promoting a betting site, Rivalry. However, this excuse rings hollow when Moontoon included Ace, who also promotes a betting site.

Moontoon’s inconsistency and bias are evident in their selection of the 10 greatest ML players which leads the entire mobile gaming community to question, how can Moontoon claim to promote a healthy gaming community when it only reprimanded two people for promoting a betting site, but not Ace and Ribo, who have been doing the same thing for a long time? Ribo has been actively promoting betting/gambling sites and yet, Moontoon has taken no action against him either. In fact, Ribo was also nominated as one of the 10 greatest MLBB players of all time.

Moontoon’s terms of service prohibit users from engaging in behavior that violates laws or regulations, so it is possible that these promotions could be seen as a violation of the terms. However, it is unclear how the terms of service are enforced and what specific actions would violate them.

It is important to note that Moontoon’s lack of transparency on this issue makes it difficult to fully understand their motivations for taking action against Veewise. Without a clear policy, it is hard to gauge whether Moontoon’s actions are consistent, or if they are selectively targeting Veewise.

Moontoon Silences Veewise Yet Again By Shutting Down MPL Restream

In the latest podcast episode, Ohmyv33nus, Wise Gaming, and Toriyama revealed that Moontoon, pressured them to stop restreaming matches from the professional Mobile Legends Professional League – Philippines (MPL-PH) Season 12 Champtionship tournament.

But why? The original cause seems to be Blacklist’s promotion of a betting website, which violated Moontoon’s rules. However, Blacklist served their punishment, and Moontoon’s grudge goes beyond rationality.

Some speculate Moontoon’s extreme actions are personal and vindictive. Perhaps Moontoon feels threatened by Veewise’s commanding presence and enormous fanbase. Or maybe they want to promote their favored teams and players over the fan-chosen grassroots heroes of Blacklist.

Regardless of the reasons, Moontoon is clearly overreaching in its crusade against Veewise and Blacklist International. It is abusing its power as the game developer to manipulate the MLBB esports scene. Fans feel Moontoon’s dictatorial behavior is unfair, irrational, and harmful to the competitive community that made MLBB a success.

Moontoon Scared Of Veewise

Moontoon Urged to Reevaluate Policies for Enhanced Transparency and Fairness

Blacklist International is not just a team, but a phenomenon. They have changed the MLBB community with their innovative and entertaining gameplay, their charismatic and inspiring personalities, and their loyal and passionate fanbase. They have driven many viewers to their matches, breaking records and setting trends. They have worked hard to earn the recognition that they should be entitled to receive. It is already in the books and it should always be. And that it is not fair for players to be elbowed out like that.

In light of recent developments, it is imperative that Moontoon undertakes a comprehensive review of its policies, with a focus on enhancing transparency and fairness for all players. It is crucial that the company refrains from allowing personal or business interests to compromise its commitment to maintaining professional and ethical standards.

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