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Are you ready to level up your game in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang? Brace yourself for the revamped emblem system that is set to revolutionize hero performance. Moonton has given us a brand new emblem system rework that will leave you hungry for more action.

The new emblem system in Mobile Legends is one of the most exciting changes in the game for 2023. It allows players to customize their heroes’ abilities and playstyles according to their preferences. This guide will explain how the system works and what are the best emblem setups for different roles.

Key Improvements and Reasons for Overhaul

The old emblem system had its fair share of flaws, which prompted the need for a revamp. Player feedback played a crucial role in driving these changes, ensuring that the new emblem system would address their concerns and enhance the overall gameplay experience.

One of the main reasons behind the overhaul was to improve survivability. The old system often left players feeling vulnerable, lacking the necessary attributes to withstand tough battles. With the new emblem system, devs have introduced key features that significantly boost survivability.

  1. Expanded Attribute Selection

    One of the most significant improvements is the expanded attribute selection, which ranges from basic attack enhancements, max HP boosts, magic power increases, and even physical and magic defense augmentations. The attribute scaling also takes into consideration the hero level, allowing players to customize their emblem sets with much more precision than before.
  2. The new emblem system is now divided into tiers: Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3, each offering distinct benefits.

    For instance, the Marksman Emblem set could now focus on improving basic attacks and movement speed by up to 50, while the Tank Emblem set could emphasize max HP and physical defense. Players can choose their emblems based on the specific role they want their hero to fulfill in the battlefield, making for a more strategic and personalized gameplay experience.
  3. Option to unlock talents

    These talents come in three categories, each offering unique benefits, allowing players to tailor their hero even further. For example, the “Mystery Shop” talent can reduce the cost of items purchased in-game, while “Jungle Emblems” can increase the efficiency of junglers by speeding up their jungle clear time.
  4. The emblem upgrade process has also been adjusted.

    Players can now use either Magic Dust or Diamonds, in addition to Battle Points, to upgrade their emblems, providing more flexibility for the players. Furthermore, the new emblem chests give players a chance to get additional talents or emblem upgrades, adding an element of surprise and chance into the mix.

MLBB Pro Player Kelra expresses the sentiments of many players: “With the new emblem system, I can now set up my heroes in a way that complements my playstyle. I love how I can experiment with different emblem sets and talents. It’s a game-changer.”

Despite the introduction of all these new elements, the developers have managed to retain some of the best features of the old system. Existing talents have been preserved and integrated into the new emblem sets, ensuring that players’ prior knowledge and strategies remain relevant.

Analyzing the Changes: Basic Common Emblem vs New Emblems

Impact on hero stats, skills and abilities with different emblems chosen

The choice between basic common emblems and new emblems directly affects a hero’s performance in various aspects:

  • Hero Stats: Different emblems provide unique stat bonuses such as increased attack power, defense, or cooldown reduction.
  • Skills Enhancement: The selected emblem can enhance specific skills or grant additional benefits like increased damage output or reduced mana consumption.
  • Ability Augmentation: Emblems may augment a hero’s abilities, offering advantages like increased movement speed, improved critical hit chance, or enhanced crowd control effects.
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Decoding Adaptive Penetration and Adaptive Attack

Adaptive skills play a crucial role in dealing damage to enemies and breaking through defenses. By utilizing this new emblem system in Mobile Legends (ML), heroes can enhance their physical attacks and exploit the weaknesses of their opponents. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Explanation of adaptive penetration: The emblem system allows heroes to customize their stats and abilities according to their needs. One of the most important aspects is adaptive penetration, which increases the damage output of physical and magical attacks against enemies with lower resistance. This means that you can shred through enemy armor and magic resistance and deal more damage with each hit. Adaptive penetration is especially useful for assassin and marksman heroes, who rely on high burst damage to eliminate their targets.
  • Discussion on adaptive attack: The adaptive attack component of the emblem system enhances the skills and talents of heroes. It gives them the ability to detect and exploit the weaknesses of their opponents, such as low max hp, low movement speed, or low magic power. This extra edge can make a huge difference in team fights, objectives, and solo kills. Adaptive attack also improves the performance of mage and tank heroes, who can use their magic power and max hp to deal more damage and survive longer.
  • Tips for utilizing adaptive penetration and adaptive attack effectively:
    • Prioritize upgrading your emblem level for increased benefits.
    • Identify the weaknesses of your opponents using the weakness finder feature.
    • Focus on heroes that excel in physical attacks to maximize the potential of adaptive penetration.
    • Coordinate with teammates to capitalize on enemy vulnerabilities revealed by adaptive attack.
    • Experiment with different hero combinations to optimize adaptability in battles.

The emblem system consists of seven emblem sets: common, physical, magical, jungle, assassin, marksman, and tank. Each emblem set has three tiers of talents that can be unlocked with battle points, magic dust, or diamonds. Players can combine different talents from different tiers to create custom emblem sets that suit their playstyle and preferences. For example, you can choose one talent from tier 1, one talent from tier 2, and one talent from tier 3 to form your own unique emblem set. Alternatively, you can use one of the existing talents from each tier to form a standard emblem set.

Some of the most popular talents and common emblem sets include:

  1. Mystery shop: Reduces the cost of items by 10%. This talent is great for heroes who need to buy expensive items quickly and gain an advantage over their enemies.
  2. Max hp: Increases max hp by 0.5% for every kill or assist. This talent is ideal for heroes who want to increase their survivability and tankiness in prolonged fights.
  3. Movement speed: Increases movement speed by 90 for 3 seconds after killing an enemy hero or assisting in killing lord or turtle. This talent is perfect for heroes who want to chase down fleeing enemies or escape from dangerous situations.
  4. Damage equal to 4% of max hp: Deals additional damage equal to 4% of max hp for 3 times when using skills or basic attacks against enemy heroes. This talent is amazing for heroes who have high max hp and want to deal more damage with their skills or basic attacks.

How To Get The Best Emblem Set Up in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

To use the new emblem system, players need to choose one emblem and one talent for each battle setup. They can also adjust the attributes of the emblem by allocating points to different stats. For example, they can increase physical attack or magic power, attack speed or cooldown reduction, movement speed or defense, etc.

Check out the following reminders below on how your can curate your emblems to better suit your heroes to achieve maximum efficiency:

1. The physical emblem is suitable for heroes who rely on physical attack and skills to deal damage, such as assassins, marksmen, and fighters. The physical emblem has three talents: Bravery, Fatal, and Doom. Bravery increases physical attack and magic resistance by 15%. Fatal increases critical chance and critical damage by 10%. Doom increases physical penetration by 6% and reduces the target’s physical defense by 10% for 3 seconds.

2. The magical emblem is suitable for heroes who use magic power and skills to deal damage, such as mages, supports, and some tanks. The magical emblem has three talents: Mystery, Impure, and Magic Worship. Mystery increases magic power and cooldown reduction by 10%. Impure increases magic penetration by 6% and reduces the target’s magic resistance by 10% for 3 seconds. Magic Worship increases magic power by 15% and deals damage equal to 4% of the target’s current HP when hitting them with skills.

3. The new MLBB emblem system adds more depth and strategy to the game, as players need to consider their opponents’ picks and adjust their emblems accordingly. For example, if the enemy team has a lot of tanks or high defense heroes, it might be better to use penetration talents such as Doom or Impure. If the enemy team has a lot of burst damage or crowd control, it might be better to use tenacity talents such as Bravery or Mystery.

4. The set up also affects the objectives such as lord and turtle, as they have different resistances to physical and magical damage. For example, lord has higher physical defense than magic defense, so it might be easier to kill him with magical emblems and talents. Turtle has higher magic defense than physical defense, so it might be easier to kill him with physical emblems and talents.

Guide to Basic Talents and Common Emblem Sets

Tank Emblems: Bulking Up for Battle

Tank emblems in Mobile Legends offer a range of benefits that can turn the tide of battle in your favor. These emblems are specifically designed to enhance the survivability and crowd control capabilities of tank heroes. By investing in tank emblems, you can increase your hero’s maximum HP, boost their physical defense, reduce crowd control effects, and even improve their HP regeneration.

Consider options such as:

  • Vitality: This talent increases your hero’s maximum HP, allowing them to soak up more damage on the front lines.
  • Firmness: Investing in this talent enhances your hero’s physical defense, making them harder to take down.
  • Tenacity: With this talent, you can reduce the duration of crowd control effects inflicted on your hero, giving them greater freedom to maneuver during team fights.
  • Concussive Blast: This talent deals magic damage and reduces enemy movement speed upon hitting an enemy with basic attacks or skills.

By carefully selecting talents from these categories, you can create a tank emblem build that suits your playstyle and provides optimal survivability for your chosen tank hero.

Mage Emblems: Unleashing Magical Devastation

If you prefer unleashing devastating magical abilities on the battlefield, then mage emblems are the way to go. These emblems focus on enhancing magic power and cooldown reduction for mage heroes. By investing in mage emblems, you can significantly increase your hero’s magic damage output while also reducing the time between ability casts.

Consider exploring these talents within the mage emblem system:

  • Magic Worship: This talent increases magic penetration against enemies hit by skills or basic attacks.
  • Mystery Shop: Investing in this talent grants a discount when purchasing items from the shop during matches.
  • Impure Rage: With this talent, your hero deals bonus magic damage to enemies based on their lost HP.
  • Observation: This talent increases your hero’s magic penetration, allowing them to bypass enemy magic defense more effectively.

By selecting talents that complement your mage hero’s abilities and playstyle, you can maximize their potential for dealing magical devastation on the battlefield.

Assassin Emblems: Striking with Precision

Assassin emblems are tailored for those who enjoy swift and deadly strikes. These emblems offer various enhancements that allow assassins to excel in dealing burst damage and eliminating priority targets. By investing in assassin emblems, you can increase your hero’s critical strike chance, critical damage, physical penetration, and even enhance their ability to quickly move around the map.

Consider these talents when building an assassin emblem set:

  • Bounty Hunter: This talent grants additional gold for each kill or assist, providing a snowball effect that allows assassins to stay ahead of the curve.
  • High and Dry: Investing in this talent boosts critical strike damage when attacking enemies whose HP is above 70%.
  • Killing Spree: With this talent, every successful kill or assist reduces the cooldown of your hero’s ultimate ability.
  • Unbending Will: This talent enhances your hero’s physical penetration against enemies whose HP is below 40%.

The new emblem system is a great opportunity for players to experiment with different combinations and find the best ones for their heroes and playstyles. It also rewards players who invest time and resources into upgrading their emblems and unlocking more talents. To make the most out of this system, we recommend staying updated with the latest patch notes and balancing adjustments that might affect the emblems and talents.

We hope this guide has helped you understand the new emblem system in Mobile Legends better. Embrace this change as a chance to improve your game and have more fun. Try out different emblems and talents, adapt your strategies based on your enemies’ picks, and aim for mastery in your preferred roles. Follow GameWatch Tribune for more tips! Good luck and have fun!


How do I unlock new emblems?

To unlock new emblems in Mobile Legends, you need to earn Emblem Fragments by playing matches or completing specific tasks. Once you have enough fragments, you can use them to upgrade existing emblems or purchase new ones from the Emblem Shop.

Can I use multiple emblems on one hero?

Yes! The new emblem system allows you to assign different emblems to each hero. This feature lets you customize your heroes’ strengths based on your preferred playstyle or the requirements of a specific match.

Are there any restrictions on emblem usage?

While there are no restrictions on using emblems, it’s important to note that each emblem has its own level. To unlock higher-level talents within an emblem, you need to upgrade it by earning Emblem Fragments and Magic Dust.

How do I choose the right talents for my hero?

Choosing the right talents depends on your hero’s role and playstyle. Consider the strengths and weaknesses of your hero, as well as their main objectives in a match. Experiment with different talent combinations to find what works best for you.

Can I change my emblems during a match?

No, once you have selected your emblems before a match starts, you cannot change them during gameplay. Make sure to plan ahead and select the most suitable emblems for your chosen hero and strategy before entering a match.

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