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ONIC Esports have added another feather to their cap by winning the ESL Snapdragon Pro Series Season 3 SEA Challenge Finals, a multi-genre mobile esports competition that featured Mobile Legends: Bang Bang as one of the main titles.

The Indonesian powerhouse, who also won the MSC 2023 title earlier this year, showed their dominance in the grand final series against fellow MPL ID team Bigetron Alpha, sweeping them with a 4-0 scoreline.

ONIC Esports displayed their superior teamwork and hero selection throughout the series, with Kairi, CW, and Kiboy leading the charge. They also pocketed US$65,000 for their impressive feat.

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How ONIC Esports won the ESL Snapdragon Pro Series Season 3 SEA Challenge Finals

ONIC Esports had a smooth run in the playoffs, defeating Yoodo Red Giants, RSG Slate Philippines, and AP Bren in the upper bracket without dropping a single game.

Bigetron Alpha, on the other hand, had to claw its way through the lower bracket, eliminating RSG Slate PH, ECHO, and AP Bren in a convincing fashion.

The grand final series was a one-sided affair.

As ONIC Esports outplayed Bigetron Alpha in every aspect of the game. In the first game, Kairi’s Hayabusa and CW’s Wanwan combined for a perfect 8/0/8 KDA, leading their team to a 10-2 win in 13 minutes.

The second game was more of the same, as ONIC Esports took advantage of Butsss’ Uranus as their frontline tank, allowing Kairi’s Joy and CW’s Beatrix to deal massive damage. They secured a 16-3 victory in 16 minutes.

Bigetron Alpha tried to put up a fight in the third game, with Saken’s Clint dealing some decent damage. However, ONIC Esports turned the tide in their favor with a crucial pickoff by Kiboy’s Chou on Saken inside Bigetron’s base. They went on to take a 3-0 series lead.

ONIC Esports did not give Bigetron Alpha any chance to come back in the fourth game, as they dominated them with a 12-4 win in just 12 minutes. SANZ’s Pharsa and CW’s Claude were unstoppable, racking up a combined 6/0/15 KDA.

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